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The Proficiency Testing Process comprises the following Test Schedule

  1. Publishing of the PT schemes in web page as and when finalized by BPCL PT.
  2. Auto Intimation (through auto generated mail) to all registered participants on the upload of any new PT scheme.
  3. Creation of user Id & Password for new participants. Registration page to have details like name of the organization, address, contact person, registered mail id, contact details, State, Region, ISO 17025 accreditation etc.
  4. Initiation of participation confirmation with PT Test fee payment details by registered users. Auto mail generation with unique participation ID to registered id of participant and PT Coordinator.
  5. Download of participants details for the scheme from web to excel.
  6. Participation confirmation mail generation (with tentative sample dispatch date) to registered mail ids of participants based on receipt of PT test fees and verification of other requirements
  7. Sample dispatch intimation mail generation to all participants along with link of acknowledgement of receipt, PT sample non-conformance report, result entry page and instruction sheet.
  8. Acknowledgement of receipt of sample and/or PT sample non-conformance report by participants. Auto mail generation to PT Coordinator for analysis and action.
  9. Reply to participant for PT sample non-conformance and auto mail generation to participant
  10. Posting of results online by participants along with the sample container code. Confirmation mail of result posting to participant & PT coordinator is auto generated .
  11. Download of test result of all participants on to excel for further analysis.
  12. Upload of PT report online and auto mail generation to participants along with link to view report.
  13. Provision for Participant Feedback, Complaint and Appeal formats and Auto mail generation on the three links to all participants.
  14. Download of feedback, complaint and appeal to excel.
  15. Reply of all complaint and appeal to the respective participants. Auto mail generation to participants on the link to view the reply by BPCL PT.

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