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Environment and Energy

The following energy conservation and loss controlmeasures have resulted in significant fuel savings at the BPCL Mumbai Refinery:

  • Maximisation of Crude throughput in modern highly energy efficient integrated Crude & Vacuum Unit
  • Anti-Foulant chemical injection in all Crude & Vacuum units
  • Injection of fire side chemical additive in HVU heater
  • Regular cleaning of preheat exchangers of process units
  • High emissivity ceramic coating was applied in process tubes and refractory walls of CRU Inter 1 & 2 furnaces resulting in 3% fuel savings
  • Reduction of slops generation by tighter operational control
  • Reduction of Hydrogen loss to flare from Make Up Gas Compressor (MUG) section of Hydrocracker Unit by resetting of set point of control valve
  • RGC seal gas drain pot vent modification from flare to RGC suction in Hydrocracker resulting in reduction of 2 T/D of H2 to flare
  • Provision of still well sleeve assembly for 15 MS & Naphtha tanks to reduce evaporation losses
  • Continuous monitoring & control of all parameters of furnaces & boilers
  • Continuous monitoring & control of flare
  • Regular steam insulation & steam leak surveys and repairs
  • Replacement of leaky steam traps & regular attending to steam leaks
Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy

Other energy conservation, energy efficiencyand loss control initiatives by the Mumbai Refinery implemented/under various stages of implementation are given below:

  • A comprehensive "Steam Generation and Distribution Study" was carried out by M/s. Tata Consulting Engineers. Phase wise replacement of steam headers insulation has commenced.
  • Phased implementation of recommendations of the Slops system study in the refinery conducted by M/s. Engineers India Ltd., to minimize slops generation is under progress.
  • A comprehensive survey on "Instrument Air Supply System" was carried out to identify instrument air leaks and the recommendations are being implemented.
  • Further efforts to maximize crude throughput of the highly energy efficient CDU/VDU complex including revamp of the unit is being studied.
  • Installation of Step-less control for MUG compressor of Hydrocracker unit is under implementation.
  • Feasibility of Flare Gas Recovery System is being evaluated.